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BLISSful Valentines Day!

It is nice to have a day devoted to love! Though a lot of this holiday feels manufactured by big business, you can spread the love to small businesses too! Devote every day to love, at least in part! Love your dog, love yourself, love a bowl of oatmeal, love a breath of fresh air, love a ray of sunshine, love your neighbor, LOVE LIFE!!

Esther Perel was talking about love in lockdown on a podcast I was listening to the other day and touched upon expressing gratitude in a meaningful way by saying something to the effect of, "when a friend/partner/colleague/lover brings you a cup of tea, don't simply thank them for the cup of tea, say something like that was so considerate of you to think of me." That was paraphrased, but the sentiment just feels so much more meaningful than a simple thank you! Esther Perel is pretty neat, and has a lot of great advice about interacting with other humans!

On that note, perhaps you might enjoy making a cup of tea for someone you love!

(no caffeine, herbal tisane)

Damiana, Tulsi, Ginkgo, Violet, Cinnamon

Damiana: an herb often used by Mexican indigenous people, it is revered for its aphrodisiac abilities! It is also a nervine, digestive, and generally thought to be an herb that brings pleasure. The flavor is mildly pepper-spicy, tangy, and astringent.

Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb also called “Holy Basil” that is often seen in ayurvedic practice. Adaptogens regulate the body’s ability to manage stress and lend themselves to sustained energy & calm. The flavor is like culinary basil, though more peppery and slightly floral.

Rose: well known to be a flower associated with the heart and love, these impressions of the plant directly translate to its affinity to protect the heart and strengthen the blood.

Ginkgo is a neuroprotective herb that encourages the movement of blood, particularly to the brain, facilitating greater retention & focus.

Violet was considered by the Greeks to be a symbol of love and fertility. Medicinally it can lower blood pressure, soothe chest colds, and is anti-inflammatory. Violet leaf is a small component of this formula and is mostly there for its folkloric implications, though adds a nice “hay” backnote.

Cinnamon warms the heart and cools the digestive system. It is sweet, spicy, comforting, and uplifting.

*To brew, steep 1tsp: 8oz boiling water, cover for 5-7 minutes. This blend is also a delightful iced tea, brew 2tsp:8oz boiling water and allow to cool.

Make it a Good Thyme! Here are some recipe ideas for low/no ABV and regular cocktails incorporating the Bliss Tisane:


2.5oz Bliss Tisane (brewed for iced tea, and chilled)

3oz Chilled Sparkling wine (preferably sweet), Nonalcoholic sparkling Cider, or a sweet farmhouse Cider

Combine the Bliss Tisane and the second ingredient of choice in a champagne flute, garnish with a fresh edible flower, dried roses, or a citrus peel of your choosing.

*A fun extra spin on this drink: freeze concentrated Bliss Tisane in advance with some of the dried blend suspended in the ice mold! Serve the cocktail according to the above recipe, over Bliss ice cubes in a collins glass.

Cheery Collins

1oz London Dry Gin or Vodka

1oz Fino Sherry

.5oz Lemon Juice

1 spoonful of honey

Combine all the above ingredients in a collins glass and mix well, fill the glass with premade concentrated Bliss Tisane ice cubes, and top with soda water. Garnish with a lemon wheel, lemon peel, or edible flower.

Sweet Nothings

.75oz Concentrated Bliss Tisane

.75oz Apple Brandy

.5oz Cocchi Rosa

.5oz Lemon Juice

.5oz Damiana Liqueur

Combine all of the above ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake & double strain into a coupe glass with a powdered Bliss tisane rim.

* for the rim: finely grind 1tsp of bliss tisane with a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. Combine powdered herbs with 1tsp granulated raw sugar and mix well. Moisten the rim of the glass guiding a lemon wedge along the rim and just slightly on the upper outside of the glass. Pour the herb/sugar mix onto a small saucer and dip the rim of the glass evenly into the mix.

I hope you have a glorious day, and spread love to yourself and others whenever you can!

(If you're looking for another romantic herbal item, check out my Calendula Body Oil! Body oiling can be a wonderful way to love yourself and love on others.!

PLEASE NOTE: This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Customers are reminded that it is entirely of their own accord, right and responsibility to make educated choices with their own, and their family's, health care. Always consult a physician prior to the use of any herbal product or service.

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So happy to see you are soon so soon moving back to New England! Can’t wait to see you again when international travel is back on my agenda. Lovely sentiments for Valentines Day ! Kate, Norway

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